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How Design Plays A Key Role In The Success Of Flexible Workspaces

One of the key changes happening around workplace design is that there is pressure to create environments that are not only beautiful, but unique.

The panelists were Leyre Octavio from Savills, Eduarto Santos from SDV & Partners, Juan Caros Santos from FAMO, and José Antonio de Pedro from COMMUTY. “Design is what catalyzes change” – Leyre Octavio, Savills Because design is something tangible, something that people can easily perceive, it plays a key role in catalyzing and driving change.

One of the key changes happening around design of workplace environments is that there is now a huge pressure in designing not only beautiful, but unique workplaces.

Designers are having to increasingly address loneliness, happiness, wellbeing, inclusivity, and biophilia in their design strategies and propositions.

“There’s more to design than aesthetics.” – Eduardo Santos Today, workplace design is about much more than creating beautiful, Instagrammable workplaces.

“Design is now a holistic concept.” – José Antonio de Pedro Great design requires investment and methodology in order to create a workplace that is truly designed for the end-user.

“Design is what materializes and brings to life your workplace narrative.” – Juan Carlos Santos Coworking space design has greatly impacted the corporate world.