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Ways To Level-Up Your Instagram Marketing Techniques

As we learned recently from content marketer Cat Johnson, storytelling is a great way to share the values of a company, particularly small and purpose-driven workspaces.

“You should aim to tell a story and drive engagement with your audience.” You can identify your target market on Instagram by filtering three key areas: Demographics Psychographics and behaviour Geographics Once you’ve narrowed down your target market, create strategic content that’s tailored to their interests.

We’ll get to some of the specific types of content in a moment, but first make sure that your content approach follows these simple considerations: Always provide value or a solution, and have a purpose Use personalized content for higher conversions Consider why your brand’s message matters to your audience For your content strategy, start by choosing 4 or 5 visual themes.

Another format could be ‘did you know’, in which you share educational content about your buildings, such as sustainable practices.

Your content planning should appeal to people who are coming across your brand for the first time, alongside those who view your content regularly.

“Consider what a new user would see when they visit your gallery. Think about your first 9 posts. Does the grid show off your brand? Always think about that when planning your content.” If you’re stuck for caption ideas, have a brainstorming session.

What is the backstory of your brand? What is something that separates your brand from other brands that are similar? What is something surprising about your brand? What recent transition or transformation has your brand made? Have you had any “Aha” moments recently? Another type of content is user generated content.