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Maximize Your Real Estate

Multipurpose, flexible space — like coworking — is a high-value solution to unused commercial real estate. With a continued trend toward decentralized workspaces, there is no better time to begin development on your property.


Diversify your Real Estate Portfolio

Offering traditional and shared flexible spaces — from private offices to full-fledged coworking communities — helps hedge against the decline of traditional commercial real estate markets.



Productive, welcoming coworking communities attract progressive companies and high-growth startups, which can grow into your future prime tenants. Start developing your own organic tenant ecosystem!


Flexible and shared spaces can add as much as 20% to the market valuation of certain properties. Investments continue to flow into the coworking sector, indicating a bullish outlook for decentralized workspaces.

How we can help you.

At Uniting Spaces, we have a team of veteran coworking consultants, experienced partner architects, and operations specialists to help add flexible spaces and coworking communities to your property.

We will work with you at each step of the way to develop a data-driven strategy tailored to your location, demographics, and budget; incorporate insights from a comprehensive feasibility study to design a custom floor plan for your future needs; and manage or train staff to efficiently operate your new investment.

Uniting Spaces also offers in-house support for branding and identity, content writing, and marketing materials.



    Business Modeling

    Operations Management

    Why flexible spaces?

    Meet the market demand for “move-in-ready” spaces with a suite of amenities, such as wireless internet, kitchen access, and print workstations.

    Whether a tenant is a Fortune 500 company or a solo entrepreneur, they are often in need of fast and flexible workspace solutions that suit their company cultures or lifestyles — especially in an increasingly “work-from-home” world.

    In fact, an increasing number of office landlords are offering flexible options to tenants who desire temporary space or a lease commitment of less than 3 years.

    Companies renewing leases — large and small — are shedding excess space and right-sizing offices to align with current workplace trends.

    You have options.

    The “workplace as a service” model is based on adding valuable services and additional revenue streams that enhance member/tenant experiences. In short: You can add as little or as much as you desire to create a compelling workspace.

    Commercial real estate owners and management companies that focus on tenant engagement foster a healthy work-life balance. By listening to your customers — and taking action — you can win the tug-of-war between tenant attraction and retention.

    Creating a destination workplace encourages recurring visitors and fosters community growth for long-term success.