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What people want from an office is pretty basic

Following recent reports from the likes of Boss and Leesman as well as the work of Neil Usher in his book The Elemental Workplace, a new study from Workthere confirms that what people want from an office is primarily basic stuff such as comfort and privacy.

The What Coworkers Want report asked 1,874 European office workers about 48 different office features in order to determine how satisfied they are with them and identify the areas offices should look to improve to provide an overall happier place to work and offer what people want from an office.

The five office features that have the biggest satisfaction gap, are as follows: Air quality: satisfaction gap of 28 percent Topping the list is good air quality with 80 percent of coworkers deeming it an important factor of an office space.

Just over half of respondents said they were happy with the level of air quality in their workspace, making this the office feature with the biggest satisfaction gap, of 28 percent.

Noise levels: satisfaction gap of 25 percent Nearly eight in ten office workers claimed office noise, without a lot of talking or loud music playing, as an important aspect of an office.

Temperature: satisfaction gap of 23 percent Over three quarters of coworkers think that an acceptable office temperature is important to them, but just over half are happy with the current temperature in their office, leaving a sizeable satisfaction gap of 23 percent.

Comfortable workspaces: satisfaction gap of 21 percent A comfortable workspace can positively impact wellbeing and productivity at work, and 82 percent of coworkers said a comfortable workspace was important to them in an office.