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7 characteristics of great coworking spaces –

It’s estimated that more than 1-million people now work in 14,000 coworking spaces around the globe and the trend has become increasingly popular. The coworking phenomenon is driven by a combination of the freedom the internet affords workers and full offices facilities at a much lower cost than traditional space.

But what makes a winning coworking space?


Most companies don’t need an entire building or even the whole floor. Coworking is a chance to reduce operational costs by finding a coworking place that offers all the facilities of an office for much less than an office. In South Africa, coworking offices cost 30-50% less than traditional offices.


A very important decision driver is location. You don’t want to spend too much time commuting, while it’s also good to have a position close to potential clients and major business hubs. Being close to shops is also useful.


You can’t fully understand the nature of a coworking space until you spend some time there, but you can get a feel of the ambience immediately. Try to choose a place where you and your colleagues can feel at home. Most people feel more relaxed in coworking spaces due to the general atmosphere of well-being and stress-free environment.


A great atmosphere often comes as the result of a coherent community. Some of the best coworking places attract like-minded people that establish good relationships. Many coworking spaces hold learning and social events which helps build a sense of community.

All the equipment

A coworking space must have every piece of equipment you need in everyday work such as printers and copy machines. Of course, a stable and high-speed internet connection is mandatory, as well as landline telephones.

Conference rooms

Most of the time, clients and business associates won’t mind having a meeting at coworking places. However, sometimes it is necessary to provide them with a more peaceful room and hold an appointment without external disturbances. For this reason, a good coworking space must have several conference rooms. They are also useful for established companies that want to hold offsite meetings.

Food and coffee station

Everyone needs a break in the workplace. A thoughtful coworking space should offer not only great coffee and food but also a relaxing place to really enjoy the pause and forget about professional duties for a while.



Originally Published on December 13, 2018 at 01:17AM

Article published originally via “coworking” – Google News