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With or without WeWork, Colorado’s coworking industry sees sustainable growth in flexible office space by The Colorado Sun

The inquiries started coming into Galvanize shortly after its coworking-space rival, WeWork, began publicly imploding.

The Colorado coworking scene is bracing for what will happen next with WeWork, which is reportedly Denver’s largest office tenant.

WeWork, which opened its first Denver space in 2016, grew quickly but with massive losses.

Calls to building managers of unopened WeWork sites were not returned, or managers declined comment or said nothing had changed yet.

Proximity Space in Montrose got frustrated trying to connect different technologies together to run its coworking spaces on the Western Slope.

Proximity Network allows members from one space visit to other spaces three times a month at no extra cost.

Freed says the coworking community is still buzzing about what happened at WeWork.