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How CRE Can Help Drive Business Resilience And Performance

As the war for talent intensifies, a new generation of workers enters the world of work, and technology continues to disrupt the way people work, companies need to take a closer look at how they are using their available real estate to make sure their company is leveraging the right tools and resources correctly, as well as to make sure that they are addressing the needs of the current workforce generation.

Future fit enterprises are companies that are prepared to pilot innovative workplace approaches, like integrating CRE planning with HR, experimenting with new technologies, using a broad outsourcing strategy, and encouraging collaboration across business units.

Companies will need to invest in technologies that can integrate CRE with their respective IT units.

According to JLL findings, ethnically diverse companies are more likely to perform 35% better and gender diverse companies are more likely to perform 15% better.

According to JLL, “Cities are constantly evolving as new drivers emerge and competitive positions change.” Understanding the dynamics of next-generation cities can impact a company’s CRE decisions, specifically location and portfolio strategies, in order to access the right talent.

JLL believes companies should “Embed transparency across the company’s operations to build a responsible brand, trusted by stakeholders, clients and wider community.”

When asked: Which of these approaches do you believe would have the biggest impact on CRE innovation? 67% of JLL respondents answered partnering with innovative companies, 57% answered developing their own internal capabilities, and 32% answered funding their own projects directly with providers and suppliers.