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How to Accommodate Four Different Types of Employees in the Workplace

While not all-encompassing, here are four different types of employees in the workplace you’re likely to encounter, the challenges they face in the open office and tips to help ease their discomfort.

Suggestion: Empower introverts in the workplace through privacy and autonomy To counteract the overstimulation introverted employees experience in the open office, emphasize privacy and autonomy through design.

If your office is completely open, give employees the option to use removable dividers at their desks to provide a sense of privacy.

Suggestion: Provide extroverts in the workplace spaces to socialize Activity-based working offices allow for different types of work to be completed in specific areas of the office.

Open offices are stressful places and the dread of entering an anxiety-ridden space caused absenteeism in the workplace to rise resulting in $450-$550 million lost annually from these unmotivated or anxious employees.

Suggestion: Bring absenteeists back to the office by emphasizing company pride Be it anxiety, dread or lack of motivation, one way companies can combat absenteeism in their office is to empower their employees.

Fun perks and trendy amenities aren’t enough when it comes to making the office a space all types of employees truly enjoy.