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Could Coworking And Fitness Centers Be A Perfect Match?

Life Time Fitness is more than your typical gym laden with treadmills and ellipticals.

Members of the fitness center can lift a few weights, take an elevator to the fourth floor, and finish up a big work project in Life Time Work, a coworkers-only productivity zone.

The high-end coworking space is filled with plenty of seating, long wooden work tables, and an on-site cafe with protein smoothies and energy grain bowls.

The trend of melding fitness and coworking is not a new one, but it has certainly gained traction.

Other operators within this niche sector include: Brooklyn Boulders, a rock-climbing gym with coworking spaces; Soma Vida, an office that combines yoga, life coaching, and herbal wellness; and luxury fitness brand Equinox, which debuted its first coworking space in 2016.

This has led many coworking operators to start including or, at the very least, being in close proximity to such amenities.

Although having a gym within the workplace could seem contradictory to the separation of work and life, members of coworking-gym hybrids see it as a solution and not fueling the prospect of burnout and isolation.