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Hotel coworking to revolutionise the way we work by Travel Daily

In taking a closer look at the specific roles and industries these people work in, the survey revealed that those involved in information research analysis, business and management, hospitality and events, and engineering found hotels the most beneficial for co-working.

Just under half of the people surveyed said that they would be more likely to use a hotel that has a dedicated co-working space 1 in 4 felt that there aren’t enough hotels that offer the facility.

“With the popularity for co-working areas in hotels on the rise, it’s great to see how the hotel industry can provide more than just a place to stay but also an area to conduct business.”

The survey revealed that certain cities are better catered to offer coworking – the top 5 include Leeds which was found to be the top-rated city for co-working options based on their likelihood to use hotels which had dedicated remote working spaces.

The Hoxton Hotel in the suburb of Shoreditch is a relaxed and rustic hotel which has a strong sense of individuality.

“Kate Fuller, marketing manager at Guestline, said:”It’s exciting to discover hotels could be a new solution for people who work remotely within the UK. Traditionally, coffee shops have been one of the typical, go-to destinations, but we are seeing a huge shift in co-working behaviour, with people desiring spaces that are quieter and still have all the facilities they need to work efficiently and conduct meetings.

“The research shows that hotels offer the three most important factors to people who co-work, which means it’s time for hoteliers to get ahead of the game and create a designated co-working offering to maximise revenue and revolutionise the way people utilise their facilities.”